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Windows XP users migrating to Windows 7

by on01 April 2014

No-one wants Vista or Windows 8

The latest desktop OS share trend from NetMarketShare suggests that Windows XP users are not rushing to buy a new OS. In March, XP’s share dropped just 1.84 percent, from 29.53 percent to 27.69 percent.

Those who have migrated have not been following Microsoft’s direction and upgrading to Windows 8.x. Instead, they are moving to Windows 7. While Windows 8 actually increased share in March and Windows 8.1 gained some the combined Windows 8.x increase is a mere 0.62 percent.

Windows 7 on the other hand, rose from 47.31 percent to 48.77 percent, an increase of 1.46 percent, or more than double Windows 8.x’s growth. All this means is that Windows 8 is definitely not benefiting from the death of Windows XP and Windows 7 is starting to look like it will follow XP as Microsoft’s longest living OS.

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