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Titanfall gets first major update patch

by on11 April 2014

Balance changes, bug fixes, and private matches

The first major Titanfall patch has arrived. According to the information from developer Respawn about this update patch, it includes changes to the balance of the game, bug fixes, and private matches.

One of the more noticeable changes after the patch is applied is that patch renames the “Play Classic” mode to “Play MultiPlayer”. Changes have been made to the colors to allow you to better see your players on the mini-map better.

Addressing one of the major complains that players have had about the game, Respawn has made a number of tweaks to the balance of the game including changes to both damage and mag size to the Quad Rocket as well as scording changes to both the Hardpoint Domination and Capture the Flag modes of the game.

Beyond this Respawn has made changes to the game to allow for private matches (released in the current patch build as a beta feature) as promised and it has tweked the number of kills necessary to complete the Gooser Challenge. Of course the developers swatted a number of bugs as well as fixed some other issues along the way. The patch has been released to all platforms and you should get the update automatically the next time you start the game up.

As for the next update, Respawn has noted that future updates will include more custom loadout slots with custom slots for each game mode, ability to name the custom loadout slots, a last game summary from you last played match, more customizations for the private match mode, better support for those with 120Hz monitors, pickup prompt for dropped weapons that are ampted will appear in a different color, better interaction with challenges and ability to review challenges by those completed, most progressed and closest to completed. Respawn had no details yet on when the next update might arrive and what of these new features might be included in it.

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