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LG will see phone success

by on11 April 2014

Beating last year’s records

Analysts are predicting that LG Electronics, the second largest smartphone maker in Korea, will beat last year's record of shipping 12 million smartphones in the second quarter. Data released by Mirae Asset Securities showed that the smartphone maker is expected to sell 15 million units in the second quarter.

If reached, it will mark the first time for LG's monthly smartphone sales to reach 5 million units. Separate data compiled by Strategy Analytics said the firm had sold 4.4 million units every month over the fourth quarter of 2013. If this is the case then LG is on track to turn a profit in its mobile division, which has been remained stagnant due to an increase in marketing costs. The company has had a devil of a job competing with rivals like Samsung which has been spending a fortune on marketing. This meant that it posted a $42 million operating loss in Q4 2013.

A lot of LG’s success is dependent on its lower-end models in its lineup, which it has to sell by the pound to make any serious cash out of it. In fact LG 's quarterly smartphone sales are likely to reach an all-time high in the April-June period due mainly to improved sales of its low-end lineup. The tech player has been targeting a niche market by honing in on lower-end models such as the G2 mini and the L and F series.

But its upmarket G Pro 2 as well as last year's G2 flagship need to do well to drive its brand globally. The upcoming G3 is expected to boost the company's profile although it will be competing for recognition against Apple and Samsung who are all expected to have gear in the market by then.

However, it is hoping to do well in China which is a latecomer to the global long-term evolution (LTE) network and will be wanted to get as many of the cheap and cheerful phones into the market as possible. LG has been doing rather well in China.

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