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Titanfall book/app airs a lot of dirty laundry

by on17 April 2014

Keighley claims Titanfall almost destroyed by lawsuits

Geoff Keighley has released is book-slash-app called “The Final Hours of Titanfall”, which he claims is the true dramatic details about how Respawn created Titanfall and the drama that followed the development team through the development process.

You can get the Final Hours of Titanfall on iOS, PC, Mac, Kindle, Android, and Surface. The picture that it paints of Respawn and the people involved isn’t at times too flattering. Keighley claims Titanfall was almost destroyed by lawsuits and it would see that was not the only thing that was destroyed in the making of Titanfall.

The book follows the development of the game from the departure of Zampella and West from Activision to setting up Respawn Entertainment with Electronic Arts to the legal drama that came next and the intertwined attempt to develop Titanfall at the same time.

There are several very interesting parts that explain or add to the story that the public and media were fed and how different the truth really was. So far we have not heard anyone from Respawn say anything in the book was not true, but we have to wonder how Keighley was able to get some of the specific detail that appear in the book, but we have to give him props for delivering a largely unbiased explanation of what really happened to get Titanfall to release. It is worth reading if you have any interest in this sort of thing.

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