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KFA2 GTX 750 OC reviewed

by on30 April 2014


Considering the fact that the KFA2 GTX 750 OC is a low profile card, it must be said that it is one of the best products in this niche. It is definitely one of the fastest, if not the fastest card you can fit into a small form factor chassis limited to low profile cards. With that in mind it’s hard not to recommend KFA’s low-profile GTX 750.

The card can deliver playable frame rates at 1080p, provided you don’t go too far with the level of detail. That means it is practically the only low-profile card capable of handling the latest titles. However, if you really want to enjoy more eye candy at 1080p, you’re probably better off with a GTX 760 or Radeon R7 265.

We were somewhat concerned that the tiny fan would end up too loud, but luckily we were wrong. It is practically silent and it doesn’t get too loud when it’s pushed to its limits. Compact form factor aside, the card is relatively frugal, with a TDP of just 55W. Sadly, KFA2 did not include a dual-slot low profile bracket with the card.

For the time being the KFA2 GTX 750 OC is the only low-profile GTX 750 card on the market. It is priced at €109, making it one of the most expensive GTX 750 cards with 1GB of memory, but then again there’s simply nothing like it on the market, so if you’re building a SFF rig you’ll have to pay small premium.

KFA2’s GTX 750 is a very interesting card for everyone looking for a low-profile card with enough muscle to run the latest games. The card really opens up a lot of opportunities for SFF lovers and raises the bar for low-profile cards, hence it gets our recommendation hands down.

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