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GRID Autosport confirmed by Codemasters

by on23 April 2014

No X1 & PS4, will instead focus on PC/360/PS3

Codemasters has confirmed a new GRID title called GRID Autosport that will be coming to the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 this time around. The Codemasters have decided that they will make a game that addresses the feedback from GRID 2 and have it ready for release in the Summer of 2014 the game will use the company’s existing engine technology for this title.

According to the Codies, when they do made a game that will use their next generation engine, it will not be a port of the current EGO engine. It will be an all new optimized engine that will be built from the ground up to take advantage of the technology and features offered by the new consoles. When they do make a new next-generation game it will be a real next-generation game not a port of the current-generation engine or game.

Reaction to the news has been mixed. Some are suggesting that the decision by Codemasters to do this could actually turn out to be a smart mode in the long term as it will give developers more time to work on the next-generation version of the EGO 2 engine for next-generation hardware, while at the same time expected updated to the development abilities of the hardware are expected to improve as well. It has been suggested that the version of DirectX 12 that is coming for the Xbox One could resolve a lot of the issues that have plagued developers not being able to get everything possible out of the Xbox One graphics which has led to a number of games being rendered at resolutions less than 1080p and then being upconverted to 1080p.

We will have to see how this shakes out. One thing is for sure, Codemasters only talked about GRID Autosport and so far has not touched on any other titles such as the Dirt franchise or the F1 franchise.

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