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Japan to get Xbox One in September

by on24 April 2014

Will sales be any different this time?

Well, Microsoft will keep its promise and introduce the Xbox One into Japan. This September 4th, Microsoft will again try to turn the tide in Japan and hope that they have some different luck this time around. Judging by the past sales of the both the original Xbox and Xbox 360, they will have a difficult road in Japan to make dent into a market that is dominated by Sony and Nintendo.

This time around however, Microsoft is suggesting that things are going to be different. They have already lined up an impressive list of Japanese developers and publishers who have pledged to support the Xbox One in Japan with Japanese titles. It does at least appear on the surface that they have more developer support this time around than they have had in the past. In addition sources tell us that they will also be working with independent Japanese developers to foster an indie presence on the console as well.

Of course there is also the mystery Japanese title that has been spoken about before that we still have not been able to uncover any additional details on yet. We do think Microsoft can do better in Japan, but the question might be “is better good enough?” and right now we are not sure that we can answer that question.

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