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China cracks down on pirated goods

by on29 April 2014

Confiscates 76 million items

China is showing the world that is fighting the battle against knock-offs by seizing more than 76 million items. According to the state-run Xinhua the gear is supposed to have broken copyright laws last year and much of it is electronics. More than 98 per cent of the goods violated trademark rights, the General Administration of Customs said.

In fact this year electronics, digital storage devices and communications equipment all featured in much greater volumes compared to the previous year. Confiscated sports equipment, digital storage devices, mechanical and electronic products and communications equipment were high compared to the previous year, the administration said without giving specific figures. The market in knocked-off pharmaceuticals is also booming. The government confiscated 673,000 pills last year which was an increase of 570 per cent.

China is doing its best to convince the world that it is not soft on counterfeiting, but it is pretty clear that 76 million items is just the tip of the iceburg. In 2013, 60,000 people were arrested on suspicion of copyright abuses and more than 90 million tonnes of pirated goods were confiscated.

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