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Nintendo says “No hardware reveal at E3”

by on05 May 2014

Now trying to squash all of the hardware rumors

While Nintendo got a lot of free press with the news that it was going to be showing new hardware at E3, now it seems that they are firm in the confirmation that they have no new hardware to reveal at this year’s E3.

While no one knows if this is just a pivot in an attempt to those us off the scent or just an epic back pedal to set expectations in order to avoid mass disappointment at the Nintendo booth at E3. Multiple sources have told us that Nintendo was planning to show new hardware, but it seems that a former Nintendo employee as well as another third-party source is telling IGN co-founder Peer Schneider, now is hearing from the same sources that new hardware from Nintendo isn’t happening this time around at E3.

Analysts we have spoken with believe that Nintendo needs a new direction and many have called for a new console and for the company to deep six the Wii U and move on. Noted Wedbush analyst Michel Pachter has even suggested that the company should just publish for rival platforms till it was ready to launch a new console. Pachter might be right, but it not something we think will happen. Others have suggested that Nintendo should just exit the home console space and focus on handhelds.

Our sources tell us that for sure Nintendo has been working on developing something new, in the way of a home console. The jury is out on if they are actually ready to reveal something or not. We continue to watch the situation, but it does seem that a new hardware launch seems much less likely than it did a week ago.

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