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HP looks to thick tablet bezels

by on12 May 2014

Thin end of the wedge

The dark satanic rumour mill has suggested that the maker of expensive printer ink HP might be moving against the trend towards thinner bezels on its tablets. @evleaks tweeted over the weekend that a new Android-powered tablet that comes from HP ignores the idea of a slim bezel on your tablets as well as smartphones.

The HP tablet bezel is fatter than a US Apple fanboy who never leaves his mum’s basement and twice as thick. This is little strange. HP’s other efforts such as the Slate 6 and 7 fablets are slim and pretty good looking, this one looks a bit like a colour Kindle. From the leaked image, the white tablet sports a front-facing camera. At the back is another camera and speaker. Thicker is not necessarily a bad thing. A thicker bezel does mean you can hold on to the slate without letting your palm touch it by accident, which means there will be less risk of messing around with the tablet unintentionally.

However it does manage to look dated, something which HP should not be attempting at this stage of the game.

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