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EVGA GTX 780 Classified reviewed

by on05 June 2014


The ACX Classified cooler has considerably bigger dissipation surface compared to standard two slot coolers. This was possible by designing a custom PCB, which is about 3cm higher and 1.5cm longer than reference. The card is about 28cm in length, or 11 inches. A huge heatsink was placed on top of entire PCB, and the cooler can dissipate roughly 450W of heat without generating a lot of noise in the process.


This is what the Classified looks next to the reference GTX 780 card. The size of the custom cooler and PCB is clearly visible.


Although it is factory overclocked, the GTX 780 Classified is a little bit quieter in 3D than the reference model, in other words – it’s not loud. EVGA extended the power limitation, by 75W adding a second 8-pin power connector. EVGA recommends a 600 watt (or higher) PSU with 42A on the +12v rail.


Next to the power connectors you’ll find the EVBOT connector, which can be used for sensor readouts as well as overvolting. The BIOS switch is there, too, along with the voltage monitor connector, but you need to get an EVGA add-on to use them. The first BIOS functions as a fail-safe and the second one is a stock factory OC BIOS. You can find more about dual BIOS feature in this



The EVBOT hand-held controller does not ship with the card, you have to purchase it separately. However, in case you really want one, you’ll have a hard time finding it, as EVGA does not sell it on its webshop anymore. There are some interesting alternatives for overclockers and we will discuss them later. 


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