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EVGA GTX 780 Classified reviewed

by on05 June 2014


When it was introduced the GTX 780 Classified boasted the highest factory overclock of all GTX 780 cards. EVGA provided the card with a lot of muscle in all departments.

Although the GTX 780 Classified is not a new card, it has a few things going for it. It is still a very fast piece of hardware and EVGA’s custom cooled is more than sufficient. Better yet, it is a lot cheaper now that the GTX 780 Ti. The GTX 780 Classified costs about €480 in Europe, depending on the market. The reference GTX 780 Ti costs €70 more, while the GTX 780 Ti Classified can be yours if you are willing to pay a €200 premium. That’s a lot of money to burn.

The only thing holding the GTX 780 Classified’s performance back, was a set of Nvidia’s limitations that had nothing to do with EVGA. EVBOT was one of the ways to get round these limitations, but due to its relatively high price of 40-50 euro, it was discontinued. EVGA PrecisionX and MSI Afterburner tools allow only marginal GPU voltage increases. GTX Classified Control tries to mimic EVBOT functionality and it was developed by the OC community. It is not endorsed by EVGA, but it works and you can download it here. Our overclock boosted Sleeping Dogs frame rates by additional 14 percent, or 34 percent better than the reference GTX 780.

With all that in mind the GTX 780 Classified is still a good choice, as it offers relatively good value compared to GTX 780 Ti cards. With an all-custom PCB, great air cooler and with a lot of tweaking features this card is surely worth considering if you’re looking for top notch performance and quality components.

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