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We will not see the new Hitman at E3

by on29 May 2014

Would prefer to hold off for the time being

According to news on the Hitman website, IO is making great strides on the new Hitman title which is believed to be only for the next generation consoles. In a posting on the website, IO wanted to set the record straight and let people know that they are not going to be showing Hitman at E3 this year, instead they will keep the title under wraps for the time being.

Ultimately they claim that the decision was made as not to divert valuable resources into preparing an E3 Demo when those resources could be better spent working on the actual game. IO is focused on delivering the best Hitman experience yet and they are devoting all their time and effort into that.

They did however release some screenshots from the new Hitman which give you an idea of the scale that they are building for the new game. Set in Central Europe, the pictures should buildings and locals with an exotic and wide open look. From what we see it does look impressive.

Other than the new game is set in Central Europe, it will use the Glacier 2 engine, it will be much larger an experience than the last game, and it is likely only coming out for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC; don’t really know much about the specifics yet. We believe that it is a title that is not targeted for a 2014 release and we are not sure if they are looking at a 2015 release or beyond.

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