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Fashion house releases Glass headsets

by on04 June 2014

Expensive and even more ugly

Google has announced a new range of Google Glass headsets created in collaboration with fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg's studio, DVF which look ugly to us and just as expensive.

The range has five new frames and eight shades in two styles. The designs will go on sale from June 23rd, and will be available from online fashion retailer Net-a-Porter and Google itself. DVF-designed frames with Glass and prescriptive lenses will cost $1,725, while von Furstenberg's sunglasses plus Glass will cost $1,620.

The range will be shown off by von Furstenberg at a presentation tomorrow. Many of the wearables sport von Furstenberg's DVF logo, and range in design from elegant and understated frames with clear prescription lenses, to gaudy pink-and-teal colours which are handy if you have more money than sense and are colour blind.


Von Furstenberg detailed the new headsets in an interview with Elle magazine which is apparently now a technology magazine.

Google has been slammed for its pretty stupid glass designs in the past and now it seems that it has turned over the idea to fashion houses to have their own look at it. So the people who think wearing a giant shark on your head, or who are influenced by mediaeval chain mail think they can do better.

The DVF range makes attempts to diminish the visual impact of the lipstick-sized bar that sits on top of the wearer's right eyebrow, either colouring it in the same shades as the frames themselves, or giving it a complementary hue, but the size of the device makes it obvious the wearer isn't sporting regular sunglasses. But the idea is still blighted by the fact that you have to pay more than a grand for it.

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