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Battlefield Hardline beta is coming to PS4

by on05 June 2014

Not clear if the beta will come to X1 as well

Battlefield Hardline is heading into a flow blown beta and codes are already being handed out to the luck PlayStation 4 owners that have confirmed their attendance to Sony’s E3 Experience events. The Sony Experience Events will allow those attending to watch the E3 press conference in the comfort of cinemas across the US.

According to what we have been able to learn the code gives PlayStation 4 owners the ability to download the Battlefield Hardline beta first hand and enjoy two game modes on the multiplayer map “High Tension”.

While Battlefield Hardline will be officially revealed at E3 where we are sure that E3 will confirm the official release date for the game which is expected this fall. While we now know that the beta is coming to the PlayStation 4, it is unknown if the PS3, Xbox 360, or Xbox One will also being getting a chance to play the Hardline beta as well. Expect to get an update on this as well at E3.

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