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Another Apple vapourware rumour

by on09 June 2014

Watch for October

Another rumour has started about an Apple watch being released and this time it is somewhat credible. Jobs’ Mob has been keeping rumours alive about its iWatch for ages now but the product has been delayed so often now people are more likely to believe in the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus.

To be fair Apple has never said it will make a watch, but then again it never says anything about what it is going to make next. Multiple news outlets are now reporting that the first wearable device from Apple might be unveiled this October. Apparently the company is going to conduct a special event that month.

The Nikkei published a similar report, adding that Apple is so confident about this device that it expects to product three to five million units every month. If it does then that will be a major surprise given that there cannot be that many fitness fanatics who own Apple gear. So far wearable computers have had a limited distribution.

The idea is that the iWatch will play nicely with Healthkit, a fitness information gathering application that Apple showed off at WWDC 2014 last week. In fact it was the only new thing that Apple showed off at the conference.

iWatch itself is rumoured to come with multiple sensors that would aid users in collecting vital information about their health and fitness.

As far as the smartwatch is concerned, some believe that it might have a curved OLED display and will be offered in different sizes for men and women.

Whatever Apple does now it will be so far behind in the market it will have its work cut out for it to make much impact.

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