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Hardline beta still to come for Xbox

by on17 June 2014

To happen before the game releases

PlayStation 4 and PC users have been enjoying access to the Battlefield: Hardline beta, Xbox users felt left out. Sources now tell us that Viscreal and EA are planning to give Xbox users a taste of Battlefield: Hardline by way of a beta as well prior to the game’s release on October 21st, 2014 in North America.

It is not yet clear if this will be just for the Xbox One version of the game or for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 version of the game. We do know for sure that the beta for the Xbox users will feature different content than the PlayStation 4 and PC beta does. We are hearing whispers of the Xbox beta coming in August during Gamescon, but that may or may not be accurate.

We also have found out that not one, but two versions of the game are available for pre-order. Buyers will be able to choose between a regular edition of the game of course, plus a Deluxe Edition as well. The Deluxe Edition will cost $10 more, but includes the Precision Battlepack, Suppression Battlepack, and the Versatility Battlepack. All three Battlepacks give the play a Teamplay Boost when options from these packs are used.

The early word from the Hardline beta that is running on the PlayStation 4 and PC is that the game is good, but the small number of weapons that can be used/accessed in the beta is a bit frustrating.

As a foot note, developers at Viscreal revealed that they are all about platform parody and are working to get both the most out of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They hope that both versions will be running at 1080p 60fps by the time the game is released.

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