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Rare still part of Xbox One’s future

by on20 June 2014

The have some very ambitious plans

Xbox One head Phil Harrison has gone on record with Eurogamer to say that “Rare is very much part of the Xbox One’s future and is working a couple of exciting things.” The vote of confidence comes after the studio was impacted by both poor sales of Kinect Rivals which was released late and a round of layoffs at Rare had taken place.

The news eases concerns that with the unbundling of Kinect from the Xbox One that the well-known studio would find itself the odd man out as things progressed. While Rare has been very involved with Kinect since the beginning, it could be that the will now go back to perhaps revisting or remaking some of its older and most well-known games for the Xbox One platform.

“Rare is an incredible talent and they have some very very ambitious plans for the future and We’re supporting them in every way that we can”, said Harrison. While Harrison provided no clue as to what might be on the studio’s agenda at the moment he assured everyone that we will hear more about what the studio is doing when the time is right.

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