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Intel wants to play around with Mantle

by on24 June 2014

Just an experiment, committed to DX

AMD gaming exec Richard Huddy says the company was approached by Intel, asking for access to AMD’s Mantle technology. Speaking in an interview, Huddy said Intel was interested in ‘Mantle interfaces, et cetera’ but he pointed out that Mantle is still in beta.

Intel confirmed it was interested in Mantle, which it wanted to use for an experiment, but for its part it insists it is still committed to ‘open standards’ like DirectX. Intel downplayed the request, saying it does not have similar plans of its own – Intel won’t do a proprietary low-level API anytime soon.

Intel argues the best way forward is through open platforms that can handle multiple hardware platforms.

For the time being Mantle adoption remains limited, but AMD is courting developers and publishers. Some big names are already on board and the company is planning to bring Mantle to new platforms, including Linux and SteamOS

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