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Intel PC knows if you are having a bad day

by on26 June 2014

RealSense has legs

Chipzilla’s RealSense is nearly ready to ship and Intel claims it can read your mind. 

Intel has been talking about RealSense for a while, and even launched a dedicated YouTube channel it. But what looked like an Xbox Kinect for desktops is slowly changing. Intel showed it off to the press and it looks like the RealSense 3D cameras will be able to sense basic human emotions like happiness, sadness, and even frustration and exhaustion, by analyzing the shape of lips, eyes, and cheeks.

It uses 1080p resolution and high quality depth sensors to perform 3D scans. It can recognize 10-finger gestures. The idea is that it will recognise you and ask how you are felling. Apparently it can offer to sing you a song to cheer you up. It is starting to look like Douglas Adams' “Share and Enjoy” nightmare is finally coming to pass.

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