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Samsung ending plasma TV production

by on02 July 2014

No confirmation officially yet, but expect it soon

Following the lead that Panasonic already took, Samsung looks to be next to pull the plug on the production of plasma display panels. Sources claim that the decision has been made and production of plasma panels will end in November of this year.

Samsung has only said so far that it will be focusing its resources on its energy and materials business. Samsung has been rumored as saying that the drop in overall demand for Plasma TVs has contributed to the situation.

Samsung choose not to release any new 2014 plasma models this year, and instead stood pat with the PNF8500 from the 2013 model year. It is believed that the ability to make a cost effective 4K plasma display played heavily into the decision to not continue to produce plasma display panels.

Now this leaves LG as the only producer of plasma display panels and it is believed that LG will too announce its exit from the plasma display panel business which will end plasma TVs. While LG has not officially made an announcement yet, it has already converted one of its plasma panel production lines into making solar batteries.

The end of plasma panels end what most video enthusiasts believe is the best quality displays available for color accuracy and black reproduction. While improvements to LED and OLED technology continue, many feel they have a long way to go to be able to reproduce the kind of colors you can get out of a plasma set.

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