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ARM releases new development platform

by on03 July 2014

Juno pledges revenge on anyone having sex with a swan

ARM has released a new development platform named after Jupiter’s long suffering wife Juno.

The Juno development platform combines several of ARM's most advanced technologies, including the ARMv8 instruction set on a single board.

The product supports big.Little in an asymmetric configuration and board ships with two Cortex-A57s, four Cortex-A53s, and a Mali T-624 core. It is all wrapped up in by a CCN-400 bus which is probably one of the weaknesses in the technology not being Arms most advanced interconnect block. Still it is popular for connecting the various cores, GPU, and on-die functionality and will make life easier for developers to work with.

ARM has also announced a 64-bit port of Android as part of this new development board. By including AOSP support as well as additional hooks and features from Linaro, ARM wants Juno to be a sort-of one-stop for those who want to test or design a 64-bit product for the ARM ecosystem.

The Android being used is based on the Linaro Stable Kernel 3.10 and compiled with GCC 4.9. 32-bit ports and OpenEmbedded ports will also be available.

At launch, Juno will support OpenGL-ES 3.0, on-chip thermal and power management, up to 8GB of RAM (12.8GB/s of bandwidth), an optional FPGA, and USB 2.0. OpenCL 1.1 will be added in a future product update.

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