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HP’s ‘fanless’ Chromebox actually has a fan

by on04 July 2014
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Truth in advertising, they’ve heard of it

Purveyor of overpriced printer ink, Hewlett-Packard has a ridiculous PR issue on its hands. It turns out that its new passively cooled Chromebox has a fan inside.

For some reason the company is marketing the mini-PC as a fanless device, when in reality it has a tiny (and noisy) fan inside.

Here’s what HP says about the Chromebox:

“The compact, contoured, and stylish design uses only 5in (126mm) of space, is light, thin, and can be VESA wall-mounted. The silent operation of the fanless design prevents dust from being funneled through computer case.”

Perhaps HP is trying to say the Chromebox does not have a fan club and a legion of followers like Justin Beiber.

FanlessTech managed to unearth a photo from HP’s own disassembly guide, which shows the heatsink, complete with a flat, copper heatptipe and of course a fan, which is really not a fan if you believe HP’s marketing geniuses.

Last modified on 09 December 2014
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