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Contraception really could be the Mark of the Beast

by on07 July 2014

US Christians likely to see proof

For those who came in late, born again Christians have a thing about three things -- contraception, abortion and the implantation of chips into the body.

The chip thing is because of a misunderstanding of the Book of Revelation in which it was believed that chips were a “mark of the beast” and the contraception thing is based on the fact that the only people who are supposed to enjoy sex are ministers of super churches. Everyone else has to have sex to create children.

Now it seems that a US tech company has managed to create a puritan nightmare by combining implanted chips and contraception.

The company called MicroCHIPS of Lexington Massachusetts has created a chip designed to last up to 16 years, about half of a woman's reproductive lifespan. It delivers a daily dose of 30mg of levonorgestrel. If someone really has to bring some children into the world, all they have to do is use a remote control to turn the chip off, and then back on again when she needs to.

It is not just contraceptives that could be delivered by the chip, it could deliver any drug to be released on demand, or according to a pre-programmed schedule. The chip releases the contents of the reservoir when a minute electric current from a small internal battery is passed through the hermetic titanium and platinum seal, melting it and allowing the dose to release into the body.

So far, the chips have been tested in a human clinical trial, delivering osteoporosis medication to post-menopausal women over a one-month period, demonstrating that the technology works. The device was implanted using a local anaesthetic, and the procedure took no more than 30 minutes.

Obviously there are still a few things to work out. The chips have to be encrypted to keep wireless data secure, otherwise a hacker could make you pregnant by switching off your contraceptive.

However it is expected to have the chip on the market by 2018, which means that born again Christians will be claiming that the world will end, again, in 2020.

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