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Brazilians snub World Cup to rob Samsung

by on08 July 2014

National obsession was illusion

It turns out that not all Brazilians are obsessed with the World Cup and some had been using the time to plan a huge heist of Samsung gear.

The Samsung factory near Sao Paulo was hit by armed robbers and workers held hostage while they robbed truckloads of smartphones, tablets and notebook computers the company valued at about $6.3 million. The robbers carjacked a shuttle used by factory employees overnight during nearly four hours in Campinas, an industrial hub in the southeastern state of Sao Paulo.

After stopping the shuttle on its way to the factory, 7 armed assailants took over the vehicle while colleagues took all but two of the eight employees originally on board to a remote location, where they were set free. The assailants proceeded with the two other employees to the factory, where they disarmed security guards, gathered the rest of the plant's employees and made sure none of them could communicate with the outside.

The attackers then allowed 13 others driving the seven getaway trucks, into the factory. The robbers, communicating with one another by radio and mobiles phones loaded the trucks. More than 40,000 Samsung products were nicked and the robbers appear to have made a clean getaway.

Samsung Eletronica da Amazonia said it had cooperated fully with the police investigation that is underway and will do our best to avoid any sort of repeat incident.

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