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Jobs’ Mob moving back to Apple Maps

by on09 July 2014

Hopes people have forgotten

The fruity cargo cult appears to be trying to kill off Google maps on its products and bring its god-awful Apple Maps back into the limelight. The Find my iPhone beta now uses Apple Maps, not Google in the latest preview. Which suggests the mapping software, which could not even find an Apple Store is back from the dead.

While the public edition is still powered by Google, those who use the iCloud beta site will now be able to be able to locate their lost devices using Apple Maps. That is the theory anyway, Apple Maps was so bad that using it find your own arse with both hands resulted in you searching for your arse in another country.

The vector-based maps employed by Apple this time appear “more lightweight” than those used by Google Maps. Google uses 4 megabytes of data, compared to slightly more than 400 kilobytes for the Apple version. It is clear that Apple is attempting to get rid of Google Maps completely even though it is still uses it on the iCloud Find my iPhone app and, more embarrassingly, Apple’s retail store locator. In otherwords when it matters Apple defaults to its rivals software.

The Tame Apple press is now claiming that Apple Maps is now much better and Jobs’ Mob has made improvements. Given that it could not have been much worse, that is not saying much. Recent advertising by Apple for new Maps API engineers suggests a significant revamp for the backend systems which means that it is still half baked. Expect more gags in the future as it starts to replace Google.

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