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Xbox One Diablo to hit 1080p?

by on10 July 2014

With new SDK update might be possible

Word is now that the Xbox One version of Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition might be getting a resolution bump after Microsoft’s update to the Xbox One Software Development Kit that allows for use of the graphics reserve that was previously devoted to Kinect.

With the new SDK it is possible that Blizzard might be able to get the Xbox One’s resolution to 1080p to match that of the PlayStation 4. Previously, Blizzard had announced that the Xbox One version would render at 900p at 60fps.

Even if Blizzard can get it running at 1080p at 60fps on the Xbox One and they are forced to revert back to 900p 60fps rendering, according to Blizzard’s Matthew Berger, the obviously the lower resolution is slightly different, but the textures and frame rate are the same.

Word is that other developers have been able to take advantage of the new SDK to get to higher resolutions and better frame rates on the Xbox One. Xbox One owners should see more improvement in the next wave of games released.

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