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Spark headed for retail release

by on10 July 2014

October 7th for Xbox One only

Team Dakota who has been developing Project Spark will finally see their build-your-own-game development studio exit beta and head for retail release. The retail release will be known as the “Project Spark Starter Pack”.

The retail release will include the Project Spark game development studio of course, but the big draw here is the massive amount of premium content that is included for you to start building with. The premium content will include: Galaxies: First Contact SciFi pack, Warrior champion Sir Haakon, Champions Quest: Void Storm (which is the first episode of a new campaign adventure made with Project Spark), and much more.

While the Xbox One version will get a retail release with a suggested price of $29.99, the Windows 8.1 release will be available from the Windows 8 store. The Xbox One version will also be available for digital download as well. All of the additional content that comes with the retail release will be availiable for download as well.

Those who have been a part of the Project Spark Beta will see all existing players receive a free update with all creations remaining intact. The release for Project Spark is set for October 7th in North America and October 10th in Europe.

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