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Lucid’s PowerXtender now on ZTE phones

by on10 July 2014

Boosting efficiency

ZTE just launched its new Z7 line of phones that includes the 5.5 inch Standard, 5.5 Max and 5.0 inch Mini device. They all use the Snapdragon 801 chipset and a bunch of other nice hardware, but they also support Lucid’s PowerXtend software.

We played with this technology at CES 2014 and Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona back in February and PowerXtend can result in significant power savings on your phone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as most of Samsung’s mid- to high-end portfolio supports this feature.

ZTE Nubia phones will use Lucid PowerXtend to reduce power consumption by up to 50 percent when playing games, browsing the web or using the navigation. These are the biggest power hogs around and with optimization and prediction algorithm what comes next, Lucid is able to achieve these impressive numbers.

For example by predicting what comes next in the navigation map, the device can be prepared and do the task quicker and with less power than without Lucid PowerXtend. We saw it in action and it worked quite well. In gaming it will draw a few frames less than without it, but you would not be able to notice it with your bare eye.

Lucid took an effort to localize its software to Chinese market and optimize it for popular WeChat games as well as Baidu navigation apps.

With the Samsung S5, Note 3 and many other Samsung phones supporting this software and 50 million licensed Lucid Virtu MVP devices out there, the company is doing quite well in reaching out to new customers, including ZTE.

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