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No dev kit conversion for Xbox One

by on11 July 2014

Comments inaccurate, but no plans yet

One of the most interesting things for independent developers about the Xbox One when it was announced was this idea that any off-the-shelf Xbox One console could be converted into a Xbox One Developer Kit/Console. So far word of when this feature would actually be coming has been hard to come by, in fact almost no one knows anything about it or when it might actually become a reality.

Yesterday we had heard that Microsoft had scrapped this and the company had no plans to implement this feature. Now we are hearing that this is “inaccurate”, but as to what the company may or may not be doing as far as a development kit goes for the Xbox One remains up in the air right now.

While it seems that Microsoft is still committed to the vision that people will be able to develop on real Xbox One consoles, concerns of security, piracy, and all of those things which make opening up things hard seem to have reared its ugly head once again.

So at least for the time being, Microsoft is still apparently looking at how development could be done with an off-the-shelf Xbox One console, but it almost seems that we are back to square one in not knowing what the possibility may or may not be for this in the future.

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