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Destiny beta download is going to be big

by on15 July 2014

We hope they let us start downloading early

If you are lucky enough to be in the Destiny beta, we hope that the Bungie has the download on fast server connections and you have a fast connection to the Internet at home. If not you are going to be waiting more than awhile.

Sources are telling us that the Destiny beta is tipping the scales at almost 13GB for the Xbox One version and 14.5GB for the PlayStation 4 version. Yes, that is right we are hearing 12.63GB for the Xbox One version and 14.3GB for the PlayStation 4 version.

We sure do wish that Bungie would let folks start downloading it early as it is going to take some time for those who don’t have the fastest Internet connections. Of course those even with medium speeds are not going to be happy with the download wait. Bungee has to be pretty happy that the both of the new consoles offer 50GB of storage on their Blu-ray drives, that is for sure.

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