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Xbox One sales have doubled

by on17 July 2014

All it took was going Kinect-less

Good news for Microsoft. Sales of the Xbox One have doubled since going Kinect-less. Since introducing the new Xbox One console that does not include Kinect and is priced $100 lower, Microsoft’s internal sales data have confirmed this trend in North America.

While we don’t have sales updates outside North America yet, we suspect that the news will be much the same, meaning that the Xbox One has seen sales growth with the new Kinect-less console offer that is priced $100 less or the same price as the PlayStation 4.

While Microsoft has confirmed what they are calling “solid growth”, the fact of the matter is that this set up for a serious clash of the console titans this holiday season. While Microsoft looks to have a much better lineup of exclusives this holiday season, the PlayStation 4 is already in the lead and they don’t look to give up that lead. Microsoft is hoping that its solid lineup of titles this holiday season will help it catch up or even pass the PlayStation 4’s sales.

Microsoft has hinted at some other special news that it is looking to share about their promotions for the holiday season, but so far we have no clue what they might be planning. (We suspect we will see the first Holiday Bundle for the Xbox One this holiday season, but we have no confirmation from Microsoft that this is the case.)

The Xbox One’s Halo: The Master Chief Collection will no doubt be a big draw this holiday season for fans of the Halo saga, but exclusives Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 both should help draw some to purchase the Xbox One this holiday season.

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