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Samsung releases premium headphones

by on18 July 2014

Might explain why Apple bought Beats

Samsung Mobile has announced a range of expensive portable headphones and the tame Apple Press is certain that it was designed to copy Jobs’ Mob’s after its purchase of Beats. 

The fact that Samsung did all research and design work long before anyone knew about the Beats buy out is unimportant. The tame Apple press has been singing the praises of Apples multi-billion dollar purchase, so therefore the Samsung deal has to be a copy, even if the insistence involves Time Travel.

The Samsung Level is a portfolio of expensive mobile audio products. The Level audio portfolio is a collection of three premium headphones and a Bluetooth speaker “all designed for portability and style while producing high quality sound,” Samsung said. There is the Level Over, Level On, Level In and Level Box. All four devices work with smartphones and tablets, and the Level Over can be further customized using the Samsung Level App. 

The Level synchronizes with Milk Music which is powered by Slacker, Samsung’s free music streaming service for select Galaxy devices. We said they were expensive. The Level Over is available for $349.99, Level On $179.99, Level In $149.99 and Level Box $169.99.

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