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Battlefield Hardline bumped till early 2015

by on23 July 2014

Need more time to incorporate all of the feedback

The thing is about beta testing, developers really find out where their game stands. Right or wrong, many a buying decision on a game is based on the beta test and often times the game that players play in the beta isn’t the same game that ends up being released.

The development teams at Visceral Games who have been working on Battlefield Hardline have been pouring over the feedback that they received from the first beta test of the game. What they learned much to their surprise is that there are a number of improvements that they can make to Hardline and new directions that they can push Hardline with additional innovation.

The end result is that the cops and criminals title that is powered by the latest Frostbite engine will be delayed a couple of months for a 2015 release that is now projected to be between January and March will be given the extra time for developers to make the game better. They will continue to incorporate player feedback and add more new stuff to the game so that he title can be all that it should be.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise as Hardline was locked and loaded for launch this fall. Instead Visceral promises a second beta where they will show off more of the new things that they have added to the game. It is unclear if this will be a beta open to both Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Visceral plans to continue to keep everyone up to date on their progress, but for sure it would appear that they are doing everything possible to get it right.

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