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New Battlefront not tied to release of Episode VII

by on24 July 2014

The movie will not dictate when it comes out

Electronic Arts has admitted that they sure would like to time the release of the new Star Wars Battlefront around the time that Star Wars: Episode VII comes out, but the release of Battlefront is not “directly tied” to the release of the new movie. The game could come out before or after the movie, while it would be nice if it came out around the same time that the new movie did, it for sure isn’t a requirement or something that they are working toward.

Since the new Battlefront takes place in what is known as the traditional Star Wars universe, it is not linked to the new movie. Apparently there are some things in it that are tied to the new movie, but the game itself is not tied to the new movie.

With the release of the movie moving to December of 2015, that makes things interesting for sure. It would be hard to believe that EA would want to wait till December of 2015, if the game is ready before then. Still the release date of the game has yet to be announced, although sources have told us that from what they have heard, it would be nice to ship the title for the holiday season of 2015, but apparently things are still up in the air. It was originally estimated that the game would arrive in the summer of 2015, but it does look like that isn’t the plan any longer, but we do know that DICE is committed to get it right, no matter how long that takes.

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