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Broadwell Chromebooks coming in late Q1 2015

by on28 July 2014

Haswell replacement and Braswell

Google's Chromebook OS should be updating automatically every six weeks, but Intel doesn't come close with its hardware refresh schedule.

Currently Intel has three different processor lines used in Chromebook notebooks. The weakest one comes in the form of Pentium and Celeron U processors, the runner up has the Core i3 U processor line and the fastest comes with the 4th Generation Core i5 and Core i7 U line processor line.

5th generation Core parts in 14nm, codenamed Broadwell, will launch in Q4 2014 on Windows and they will come to Chromebooks a quarter later.

Broadwell 5th generation Core in Q1 2015


According to Intel's current roadmap, the chipmaker plans to change Haswell based Chromebooks with Broadwell based designs in early 2015. The lineup will remain the same. Haswell Pentium and Celeron will be replaced by Broadwell Intel Pentium and Celeron U processors.

There is an indication that the Q1 2015 launch of Pentium and Celeron might be pushed to Q2 2015, but this will be decided later. Intel still doesn't know the production yields and they will dictate if there will be enough Broadwell Celeron and Pentium chips to launch the Broadwell Chromebook platform.


Core i3 Broadwell in Q1 2015


The Haswell 4th generation Core i3 U line will get its Broadwell replacement in Q1 2015. Intel also refers to Broadwell as the 5the generation Core line. Core i5 and Core i7 Broadwell based 5th generation Core processors are also coming in Q1 2015 and they will be replacing the corresponding Haswell U processor line.

Chromebooks that are currently based on Essential Series Bay Trail-M chips will also be updated and they Bay Trail-M will be replaced by Braswell Celeron and Pentium products. You might have noticed that there is no more Atom branding in these out-of-order low power cores, as Celeron and Pentium are more fitting brands for this level of performance.

Apparently there are a lot of people and organisations willing to buy Chromebooks, but we are certain most consumers are not doing that much business on them. Windows still reigns supreme in the business market, but Chromebooks are doing well in the education segment.

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