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Apple and Samsung losing will for patent wars

by on29 July 2014

Like Ancient Rome and Persia

Just like Ancient Rome and Sassanid Persia, the two great empires of Apple and Samsung are starting to run out of a desire to keep fighting each other. The patent spat between Apple and Samsung has gone on for so long and neither side really managed to take the other’s products from the shelves.

Now it seems that there is a strategic withdrawal as the two companies decided to drop their appeals against an ITC ruling that would have banned a few existing Samsung devices and given Apple the upper hand in yet another hardware patent. Now Apple has decided to drop yet another appeal against Samsung, in its first case against the Korean manufacturer in California.

There are court battles being fought. Apple and Samsung are going to court over a second California case ruling, a hearing for which took place a few weeks ago, with Apple looking at getting a permanent injunction against some of Samsung’s infringing devices. But this is hardly the thermonuclear war promised by the Apple Messiah Steve Jobs before he died. 

It has all been a waste of resources. If history follows this particular war could mean both outfits are damaged in the long term. The long running Persian-Rome wars left both sides so exhausted that they left the Romans vulnerable to the Vandals and Persia to the Arabs.

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