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Companies paying to keep XP on life support

by on31 July 2014

Still not migrating

British companies are still refusing to upgrade their operating systems despite Microsoft giving up on Windows XP. Support for XP officially ended in April but large businesses are still running Microsoft's Windows XP operating system (OS) and are paying Redmond a fortune in costly custom support contracts.

A new survey by systems management company, Adaptiva, found that many companies with over 10,000 PCs had yet to migrate from Windows XP. The Adaptiva survey found that 15 per cent of organisations have signed up for extended support from Microsoft. 

Apparently the biggest problem that companies are facing is software compatibility (about a third) although some could not afford the time (15 per cent) and four percent could not afford to upgrade. More than 17 per cent plan to move directly to Windows 8 or a mixed Windows 7/8 environment.

Adaptiva found 81 per cent of the businesses surveyed reported that the cloud had no impact on upgrading and patching OSs and applications, but seven per cent said the cloud made upgrading harder.

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