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Xigmatek Nebula tested

by on08 August 2014


Overall the Xigmatek Nebula left a positive impression. Whether you like its looks or not is another question, we found it rather elegant.

The sharp edges at the top and bottom are complemented by smooth, chamfered edges on the sides. The choice of matte black, piano black and silver finishes guarantees it will look good next to a wide range of hardware and peripherals - unless you happen to have a white monitor and desktop.  There's some mystique to it, too.

There is not much to complain about. The glossy top panel looks nice, but it is a magnet for scratches and smudges. Cable management could be an issue depending on the amount of components you choose to use in your build. These are minor issues.

The Nebula sells for about €70 in Europe, which isn't cheap, but then again neither are the 3mm thick aluminum side panels. Although this is a mini-ITX chassis, it is not small and it can accommodate a lot of components, including mid-range graphics cards and a bunch of hard drives. Essentially it can be used for a mid-range gaming rig.

The official spec does not tell the whole story. We found an additional 2.5-inch drive bay, which means the chassis can take three of them rather than two. Dual-slot cards up to 175mm can be used, but cards as long as 230mm (11in) can be installed when part of the activity LED housing is removed. Single slot cards of up to 200m can be installed out of the box.

In conclusion, Xigmatek did a good job and we have no problem recommending the Nebula as a stylish small form factor alternative to mATX cases. We’d like to thank who kindly provided our testing sample.

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