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Windows 9 will lack charm

by on08 August 2014

Get rid of this touchscreen rubbish

Microsoft might planning to dump Windows 8 Charms sidebar from Windows 9. (That's the only thing I liked about it. Ed)

The Charms bar currently sits on the right hand side of the Windows 8 OS, popping into view when you swipe from the right or, more commonly, when you send your mouse pointer to the corner of the display. It offers quick access to search, share, settings menu, device management, and the Start screen which of course you can’t get if you are in the stupid touch screen “Metro” version.

However according to WinBeta, Microsoft is looking into alternatives to the Charms system, and will almost certainly omit it from Windows 9. Current iterations of Windows Threshold, which is essentially the alpha version of Windows 9, does not include the Charms UI element.

Tragically, Microsoft still has not learnt the error of its ways, is still going for Metro, and will incorporate some Charms features within their title bars. This is part of Microsoft's intention to have apps running as independent floating entities on the desktop, and not so reliant on Windows OS functions like the Charms bar.

Windows 9 will allow virtual desktops. This will allow serious users to switch between separate desktops at the touch of a button. Of course, a serious user will not want to switch any screens but would like to have everything on single screen where they can use it fast.

Expect to see a preview version of Windows 9 released later in the year ahead of a spring 2015 launch but if it is anything like Windows 8 Microsoft will be in deep trouble.

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