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New BioWare IP is Shadow Realms

by on14 August 2014

It is PC exclusive and offers online only play

The new BioWare IP that we were finally hearing about is called Shadow Realms as expected. It is in development at BioWare Austin. It is a PC exclusive title that is inspired by the traditional pen-and-paper RPGs of days gone by.

While Shadow Realms is set in a modern fantasy world with an ever evolving narrative, the game will be episodic which means that it will play out much like the episodes in a TV show.

The community will explore the game together, but your party is limited to four players or you can opt to face the danger as a Shadow Lord by yourself. As you might have guessed by now, the game is online only.

The game is in testing now and you can sign up on Origin to get access to the closed Alpha test or drop by the game’s web site for more details. From what we can see it looks pretty cool and does look a bit different than you might expect.

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