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PS4 outsells X1 for 7th month in a row

by on15 August 2014

Kinectless X1 has not turned the tide

Many have blamed Microsoft for the continued problems they have had with the Xbox One. Despite finally turning things around and getting the Xbox One pointed in the proper direction, including the introduction of a lower priced Kinectless console; the PlayStation 4 has outsold the Xbox One again. This makes it 7 months in a row that Sony has continued to outsell the Xbox One.

Sony bagged top console sales for June and July according to NPD’s month report. Since we don’t know the exact numbers, we only have to go on what Sony and Microsoft say. Sony says that it has sold 10 million PS4s worldwide. Microsoft on the other hand says that they have shipped 5 million units worldwide. One of the big problems has been that the PS4 is available in over 100 territories where the Xbox One has only been availiable in a little more than a dozen. Microsoft announced plans at Gamescom to release the Xbox One in more territories, so that is going to help, no question.

Since Microsoft has introduced the Kinectless version of the console, sales have been stronger and they do have a significant exclusive lineup for the holiday season. The drama over the 1080p on the Xbox One is subsiding with the additional 10% of GPU power available since the release of the Kinect reserve. Best of all Phil Spencer is at the helm and we believe that this is a good thing. Microsoft isn’t out of out and we are tired of hearing otherwise.

As for Nintendo, they are still in third and they should be pleased with the little upswing in sales that they saw. Nintendo calls it “sales that are improving”, we call it key software releases that attracted those wanting to relive the games of old. 3DS is still selling well so there is that.

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