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Julian Assange offers to resolve embassy stand off

by on19 August 2014

You let me go and we will never mention it again

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange appears to have completely lost whatever plot he might have written in his head and is behaving like a looney. Having holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy to avoid facing a potentially embarrassing sex case in Sweden, for two years, Assange has offered to end the whole siege by allowing the British government let him go “no questions asked.”

Assange was talking at a press conference which was called to refute claims in the UK tabloids that he was ill and would have to walk out to get medical treatment. Relishing the chance to get before the media again, Assange called a press conference knowing that hacks would turn up to find out if there was any truth to the stories. Assange told them that he planned to leave the building "soon," but his spokesman played down the chances of an imminent departure, saying the British government would first need to revise its position and let him leave without arrest.

Therefore, Assange’s cunning plan is to give the British government to surrender completely and allow him to go to some nice hospital somewhere and get better. However, the UK government has, understandably said that it has an international responsibly to get Assange to Sweden to sort out this mess and really, this is not up for negotiation.

So what was the press conference about? Assange had another pop at the Swedish government for not breaking its own laws and interviewing him on his terms and, by proxy his victims for being US honeytraps to get him extradited to the US. For years, I have been saying that Wikileaks was a good idea which was totally trashed by having an ego manic like Assange running it. While the idea of accountability was brilliant and a place for whistleblowers to leak documents laudable but Assange made it all about him.

He has never been able to answer the question, “if the US wants to arrest you so badly Julian, then why did it not ask the UK to extradite you.” The UK would have handed him over in an instant to the US, had they been asked. In Sweden the matter would be less likely to happen. This means that his belief that the US wants to arrest him is a dog ate my homework excuse which plays to his supporters.

The US has its scapegoat for the so-called Wikileaks leak and that is Corporal Bradley Manning, who is not getting any support from anyone, and has hardly ranked a mention from Assange. 

Assange seems to believe that there is a law for other people and laws for him. This coupled with a paranoia based on his own sense of self-importance is making Wikileaks a tragedy of hypocrisy.

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