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PS4 Minecraft fails certification

by on21 August 2014

Pushed back with still no release date

Bad news for PlayStation 4 Minecraft fans, we are hearing that although Minecraft for the PlayStation 4 was submitted to Sony for certification, it didn’t pass. This means that the PS4 version of Minecraft is going to get pushed back and it still does not have a firm release date.

Developer of the PS4 version, 4J Studios has Tweeted the news that it didn’t pass and they were going back to address the issues that Sony found that caused it not to pass. The bigger question might actually be if the Xbox One version what was scheduled for release in August will proceed as planned or will it be held till the PS4 version is ready. So far 4J has no comment on what the release plans might not be.

As far as the promised PS Vita version, we know little about the release plans for it. We are hearing whispers however that it would be nice if it could be released in September, but that is far from any sort of a confirmed release date.

We suspect that 4J will likely Tweet some additional news in the next couple of days that should clarify the release plans for the Xbox One version. It would not be a total surprise however if they held it till the PlayStation 4 version was ready, but then again 4J has been working with Microsoft a long time now on the Xbox 360 version, so maybe with that relationship, we might not see a delay after all. Expect to hear more soon.

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