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Project CARS & Rise of Tomb Raider pre-orders are up

by on22 August 2014

Impact after GamesCom comes in surprising places

Amazon has revealed some interesting data regarding pre-order surges after GamesCom. What is most interesting is that some of the games that one would think would spike didn’t and some that did you would not think they would.

Pre-orders for Project CARS rose 42% and Rise of the Tomb Raider rose 30%. Wii U titles received the greatest increase with 8.67% increase in pre-orders. Next was the PS4 platform with 5.16% increase in pre-orders, and the Xbox One was in last with only a 2.81% increase in pre-orders.

The data apparently only applies to Amazon.UK and does not take into account the pre-order sales in North America.

You can read more here.



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