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Windows 9 touted for exposure next month

by on22 August 2014

Be still my beating heart

Microsoft’s next version of the Windows operating system might be shown off at a press event for 30th September.

Windows 9, currently codenamed “Threshold,”might not be called “Windows 9” and will add a number of new features and UI changes. Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant will be included, the Charms bar will be gone and a new miniature Start Menu is set to be debuted. 

A preview version of Threshold is expected to be made available to developers as early as October of this year which works with a potential late September announcement.

Microsoft really does need to pull its finger out and get rid of the cursed Windows 8. For those who have never used Windows 8, it is an operating system which dumbs down your computer so that it behaves like a tablet.

It might have had a good underlying operating system, but to the practical user it made Vista look good and gave no reasons as to why anyone would upgrade from Windows 7.


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