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Brazil goes nuts about social networking app

by on22 August 2014

Girl from Ipanema cannot have secrets

She might be tall and tanned and young and lovely but if the girl from Ipanema wants to stay anonymous in Brazil she is going to have to go  "A-a-a-h."

A Brazilian Judge took time out of his busy schedule of not jailing those who committed human rights violations during the former military regimes rule, to order Apple, Google, and Microsoft to remove a set of apps from the app store, such as Secret and Cryptic.

These apps are relatively innocent in nature and are social networks where users can post messages anonymously.

Brazilian laws which apparently do not allow such anonymity, these apps were requested to be taken down. Apple has since complied with the request of the judge and has since removed the Secret app from the Brazilian iTunes App Store.

This is only one part to the judge’s request. The other request was to remove the app from smartphones in Brazil that might have downloaded it. Apple has the ability to disable the app by revoking its certification, but so far has not done it.

No word if Microsoft and Google are following Apple’s lead on this one.


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