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Bill Gates takes on more evil

by on27 August 2014

The US gun lobby

Not satisfied with being the sworn enemy of the mosquito, the former head of Microsoft is using his wealth to counter the influence of organisations who believe that the world would be a better place if we call carried guns.

Bill Gates is opening up his considerable piggy bank in Silicon Valley's fight against the National Rifle Association. Gates donated $1 million to Initiative 594, which will require criminal background checks for firearm sales. This is opposed by the NRA who are worried that gun checks prevent the ability of criminals to get their hands on guns, which apparently is their constitutional right.

It is not clear if Silicon Valley can take on the NRA, which has won nearly every national political battle, ven after mass shootings failed to stir anyone to anything like gun control.

Background checks are a very popular, with over 90 percent of Democrats and 71 percent of Republicans in support. But the NRA is always about pushing the values of a very vocal minority who feel that that their virility is challenged if they are not allowed to carry a high ordinance cannon around with them when the go shopping.

Politicians tend to let those particular nutjobs win because they have guns.

Last modified on 27 August 2014
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