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No next-gen GTA 5 till 2015?

by on29 August 2014

Rumors say it will not make this holiday season

Sources are saying that it is very possible and maybe even likely that Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC will not make it for release this holiday season. Instead it is very likely that it might slip till first quarter of 2015 instead.

The rumors of it not making release this holiday season started at Gamescom, but the whispering has not stopped. According to those claiming to be in the know, Rockstar did have a new version of GTA 5 for next-gen that it was showing at Gamecom, but only retailers got to see it.

So here we are with the 2014 holiday season fast approaching and already we have had both Battlefield: Hardline and Evolve slip into next year. It would really be a shame to see Grand Theft Auto 5 for next-gen slip to a 2015 release. Rest assured that if it does end up slipping into 2015, neither Microsoft or Sony will be happy about it.

In the meantime Rockstar is still saying Fall of 2014. None of the retailers we have spoken with as well as online retailers all seems to still be saying that it will release before the end of the year.

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