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Microsoft cleans up crap apps

by on29 August 2014

Promises refunds

Microsoft has removed more than 1,500 apps from its Windows Store in a bid to clean up the store and restore trust with Windows 8 and Windows Phone users. 

Todd Brix, Microsoft’s general manager of Windows Apps and Store, wrote in a company blog post said that earlier this year Redmond heard people were finding it more difficult to find the apps they were searching for; often having to sort through lists of apps with confusing or misleading titles.

“We took the feedback seriously and modified the Windows Store app certification requirements as a first step toward better ensuring that apps are named and described in a way that doesn’t misrepresent their purpose.”

Microsoft’s new certification process, in particular, asks for clear and accurate names that “reflect the functionality of the app,” more accurate categories, and differentiated icons to ensure apps aren’t confused with one another.

“These revised policies are being applied to all new app submissions and existing app updates for both the Windows and Windows Phone Store,” Brix said. “We’ve also been working on titles already in the catalog, conducting a review of Windows Store to identify titles that do not comply with our modified certification requirements.”

Redmond contacked those developers with apps that violated its policies and ordered them to make changes, but those who were “less receptive” saw their apps removed from the Windows Store. In total, Microsoft had to remove 1,500-plus apps. Microsoft also added that it would “gladly refund the cost of an app that is downloaded as a result of an erroneous title or description.”

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